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Making With Electronics- 2018

9:00-12:00 (7th-12th Grade)
Making with Electronics: Learn electrical engineering and coding using an Arduino. Create wearable electronics such as jewelry that spring to life with lights and sensors, design a paper circuit, and ... view details.
When: May 29-Jun 01, 2018
Where: The Dunham School

Life Saving STEM Projects- 2018

9:00-2:00 (7th-12th Grade)
Pets suffer when left unattended in a car with the windows rolled up on a hot sunny day due to a greenhouse effect within the closed car. A car equipped with a pet-smart alarm could prevent harm to a ... view details.
When: Jul 16-20, 2018
Where: The Dunham School

Dunham Baseball Fundamental Camp- 2018

9:00-12:00 (K-8th Graders)
Dunham Baseball Fundamental Camp is for kids entering Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  Kids will be grouped K - 2, 3rd - 4th, 5th - 6th, and 7th - 8th. We will teach age appropriate basic fu... view details.
When: May 29-Jun 01, 2018
Where: The Dunham School

Dunham Baseball Hitting Camp- 2018

9:00-12:00 (2nd-8th Graders)
Hitters will learn: -How to create rhythm with their stride  -How to rotate keeping barrel on path of the ball.  This will increase power and improve ability to be on time with the pitch. ... view details.
When: Jun 04-05, 2018
Where: The Dunham School

Dunham Baseball Pitching Camp- 2018

9:00-12:00 (2nd-8th Graders)
Pitchers will learn: -Sound delivery to the plate using the kinetic chain efficiently -Grips for secondary pitches -How to control the running game by speeding up pitching delivery -Exercises to d... view details.
When: Jun 06-07, 2018
Where: The Dunham School

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