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Introduction to Field Ornithology: Birds of Vermont

Intensive Summer Workshop
Add to My CalendarMay 26-Jun 08, 2017
Last Date to register: Friday, May 12th, 2017


Field study of birds. Two-week (12 day) course; daily field exercises; equivalent of three lecture hours and three lab hours each day. Offered during end of spring migration and beginning of breeding season at various field sites throughout Vermont. Students must arrange their own transportation to and from primary field location.


Summer Workshop Cost:

  • For-Credit Registration: $1,495.  This 3-credit course fee covers tuition and program fee.
  • Workshop Only Registration: $1,000.  This registration allows for full participation in the intensive 2-week workshop without academic credit.


Deadline to Register is Friday, May 12, 2017.


Required Text:

Sibley, D. A.  2016.  The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America: 2nd Edition.  A. A. Knopf Pub, New York, NY.


Larkwire (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/larkwire-birdsong-master-birder/id544499991?mt=8) or other Ipod or android listening device is strongly recommended for learning bird song.


Course Learning Objectives:

1)    Recognize the common birds of Vermont by sight and sound.

2)    Understand the diversity of life history strategies employed by the birds of Vermont.

3)    Recognize the major vegetative communities in Vermont and the breeding birds most closely associated with those.

4)    Demonstrate a working knowledge of field ornithology techniques.

5)    To gain knowledge about the natural history and adaptations of a selection of migrant and breeding birds observed in springtime in Vermont.

6)    To understand the status, threats and conservation of migrant and breeding birds found in Vermont.

7)    Maintain a detailed and professional field journal.


Tentative Schedule:





Evening Lecture

Day 1


Students arrive at VINS Nature Center

Introduction to ornithology


Mist Netting

Bird Sounds 1-10

Topography Review


Mist Netting

Bird Sounds 11-20

Avian Communication


Mist Netting

Move to Lake Champlain

Waterfowl Introduction


Waterfowl Field

Waterfowl Field




Field Quiz #1

Grassland Bird Introduction


Grassland Birds

Bird Sounds of the Grasslands

Avian Behavioral Ecology



Travel to Northeast Kingdom

Boreal Birds


Moose Bog

Mountain Transect

Return to VINS


Northern Hardwoods

Field Quiz #2

Evolution of Birds


Riparian and wetland Habitats


Conservation of birds


Raptors (VINS)


Final Exam


Mist Netting



This program is no longer active.

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