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K-5 Grades Zoom Summer Courses

Come to join our 2020 Zoom Summer classes taught by credentialed teachers with 20-30 years teaching experiences! Class size is 5-15 and class rate is from $11 to $15 per hour.... view details.
When: Jun 15-Aug 28, 2020
Where: Zoom Summer with All-Star Academy

2020-2021Chinese Credit 1-4 and AP courses

CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4, AP
2020-2021 All-Star Academy Chinese Credit 1-4 and AP 授课时间: 学分一: CR1A Thursday: 3:45-6:45pm; CR1B Friday: 3:45-6:45pm 学分二: CR2A Wednesday: 3:45-6:45pm; CR2B Saturday: 8:45am-11... view details.
When: Aug 31, 2020-Jun 05, 2021
Where: All-Star Academy

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