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2020-2021Chinese Credit 1-4 and AP courses

CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4, AP
Add to My CalendarAug 31, 2020-Jun 05, 2021
Last Date to register: Saturday, September 12th, 2020

2020-2021 All-Star Academy Chinese Credit 1-4 and AP


学分一: CR1A Thursday: 3:45-6:45pm; CR1B Friday: 3:45-6:45pm

学分二: CR2A Wednesday: 3:45-6:45pm; CR2B Saturday: 8:45am-11:45am

学分三: CR3A Monday: 3:45-6:45pm; CR3B Saturday: 8:45am-11:45am

学分四: CR4A Saturday: 5-8pm; *CR4B Tuesday: 3:45-6:45pm (待定)

AP班: APa Saturday: 4:45-8:45pm; *APb Friday: 3:45-7:45pm (待定)                 

授课地点:All-Star Academy @10760 Thornmint Road, San Diego, CA 92127

校车提供接的学校为:将安排校车接PUSD, SDHUSD, and SDUSD的任何一个每天有5位及以上学生的初中和高中





学分一:Integrated Chinese 1 Text Book, Work Book, and Character Book (4thEdition)           

学分二:   Integrated Chinese 2 Text Book, Work Book, and Character Book (4thEdition)          

学分三:   Integrated Chinese 3 Text Book, Work Book, and Character Book (4thEdition)          

学分四:   Integrated Chinese 4 Text Book, Work Book, and Character Book (4thEdition)          

 AP 班:由老师提供

use "EBC2020" for earlybird and "EBSBL20" for your 2nd child's earlybird from 5/1- 5/15/20 and "SIBLING" for the 2nd child after 5/15/2020

CR1A: Thur. 3:45-6:45pm: $1,020.00
CR1B: Fri. 3:45-6:45pm: $1,020.00
CR2A: Wed. 3:45-6:45pm: $1,020.00
CR2B: Sat. 8:45-11:45am: $1,020.00
CR3A: Mon. 3:45-6:45pm: $1,020.00
CR3B: Sat. 8:45-11:45am: $1,020.00
CR4A: Sat. 5-8pm: $1,020.00
AP: Sat. 4:45-8:45pm: $1,680.00
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All-Star Academy
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