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Muddy Monday

April Vacation Day Camp
What comes after winter but before summer? That's right, MUD SEASON! To celebrate all things sticky and sloppy, we will turn our attention to the wonderful world of mud.  To start, we'll strap on... view details.
When: Apr 24, 2017
Where: Green Mountain Audubon Center

Watery World

April Vacation Day Camp
Get your mud boots ready!  This program is about all things wet, wild and wonderful.  We’ll explore the path water takes from sea to sky, in rivers and wetlands, through trees and into... view details.
When: Apr 26, 2017
Where: Green Mountain Audubon Center

Audubon Expedition

April Vacation Day Camp
Join us as we mount an expedition, Audubon- style! Throughout the day we will work together as a team and explore our newly-blooming wilderness. We'll learn how maps can help us navigate our way acros... view details.
When: Apr 28, 2017
Where: Green Mountain Audubon Center

April Vacation Days - FULL CAMP

Sign up for all three April Vacation Camps
Sign up for all three Vacation Days and receive a $10/day discount. The three Vacation Days are on April 24, April 26, and April 28, 2017... view details.
When: Apr 24-28, 2017
Where: Green Mountain Audubon Center

Fairy Houses & Gnome Homes - *Morning Session ONLY (June 26-30)

Preschool Nature Camp Ages 3-5
Do you know anything miniature and made of magic? Explore Audubon through the eyes of fairies and gnomes, looking at nature close up!... view details.
When: Jun 26-30, 2017
Where: Green Mountain Audubon Center

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