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4-H - 5 Day Adventure Program

Ages 12 - 15
Add to My CalendarJun 22-26, 2020
Last Date to register: Sunday, June 21st, 2020

Ready for an exciting outdoor adventure and discovery with Backcountry Unlimited?

Kayak! Rock Climb! Explore!  Need we say more?  5 days of adventure on A to the Z will take you high on the Colorado Plateau and deep into hidden lava tubes.

We love to travel, we love adventure and we love bringing you the best quality trips. Get ready for the best adventure travel experience of your life! Backcountry Unlimited offers 5-days of Adventure programming for teenagers ages 12 to 15 to the most epic places in the American West. 

Come experience the ultimate road trip and outdoor thrill. Backcountry Unlimited’s, A to the Z Adventure teems with exciting outdoor activities.

Experience exhilarating scenery, including the majestic beauty of the Colorado Plateau and the pine forest of  Northern Arizona and everything in-between. Participants enrolled in Backcountry Unlimited’s A to the Z Adventure will participate in thrilling, safe outdoor adventures including magical night hikes, hiking to breathtaking locations, learn to navigate with map and compass, play epic games of Capture the Flag,  rock climbing, rappel, kayak, ziplining and much more. We will explore hidden lava tubes and ancient volcanos while experiencing the majesty of the pine forest of Northern Arizona.

Oh, and Don’t forget about our daily  cookouts and sleeping under the incredibly starry sky of northern Arizona 

Every participant receives a t-shirt and water bottle upon arriving at Backcountry Unlimited.    

Participants sleep in 3-4 person tents at carefully selected campgrounds.  All participants’ tent mates are of the same gender.

A trip with Backcountry Unlimited provides teens the opportunity to experience and develop new life skills while traveling through the American West with tons of new friends. Gear up for the adventure of a lifetime with Backcountry Unlimited!  Enroll today for summer 2020.

This program is no longer active.

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