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As a student of Baker’s Barber & Cosmetology College, this letter of agreement confirms the duties and responsibilities of the followings:


• School hours are Tuesday through Saturday 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.


• Students must sign only their own time card. This is strictly enforced. If a student leaves the building at any time he/she must leave their
time card with the receptionist.


• Students are required to be in class at 8:00a.m. no later than 8:10a.m., you are tardy and will not be allowed in the classroom, nor be able to sign in until
class is over.


• Students who continue to be tardy (5 times in a month)

   1st Offense - Student will receive a WRITTEN WARNING,

   2nd Offense - Student will be SUSPENDED FOR 1 WEEK, and if tardiness continues he/she may be placed on probation until tardiness stops or terminated.


• In case of an illness or emergency, the student must call the school before 9:00a.m. each morning of an absence.


• All students are required to wear a barber smock and name tag issued by the school.


• Absolutely no open toed shoes and heel work or canvas type school.


• No hats, headbands, scarfs or any headgear is allowed.


• Students sign in and out when entering and leaving the building.


• Students must sign in and out for all lunch breaks. A thirty (30) minutes lunch break should be taken when a student’s attends a 6 hour class day more. If a student attends class less than 6 hour day and wants to take a break, then 30 minutes must be deducted from their time. If a student fails to clock out for lunch after attending school for 6 hours the student will be given time for the entire day.


• No student is allowed to sign in or out another student.


• Smoking or alcohol is not allowed inside or in front of the building at any time. No student will be allowed in the facility that is under

the influence.


• No gambling or loitering is allowed.


• No visitors are permitted in the classroom or student lounge are unless given permission.


• The school business phone may not be used for personal calls. A student cannot leave a client to answer calls, nor may he/she be able to use cell
phones on the clinical floor, all phones, must be off or on silent. No, 
IPOD’S MP3 or any types of earphone players are allowed.


• Students work area must be clean before leaving every day.


• All students serving the public must be courteous and pleasant. Students must take all appointments assigned to them. Failure to take
patron is ground for suspension.


• Students must not gather around the receptionist desk, congregate in the office, or visit another student who is busy with a patron.


• A student must attend school on all SATURDAYS.


• No profanity towards a staff member or another student will be tolerated. Students must comply with college policies and state rules and regulations.


• Absence three days or more without notification shall be considered cause for suspension. Any student absent more than 21 days without notifying the instructor may be considered for termination.


• 1500 hours for completion: 10 month course.


• Barbering Course $5,000.00 tuition fee is $5,000.00. Cosmetology Course tuition fee is $5,000.00.


• Students that break any school policies, or any use of drugs or sell drugs, alcohol, on the premises they will be terminate immediate.


• All students are required to wear uniforms during school hours; if not in uniform you will be sent home and will not receive any hours.


• It is mandatory for all students to attend on Saturdays.


• Student are not allowed to have personal friends, or family members to gather, if they are not getting any services.


• NO REFUND, only if the school closes while attending.



Barber Program: $5,000.00
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