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Camp Jano India 2023 (a) - Fremont

Add to My CalendarJul 17-28, 2023
Last Date to register: Friday, July 21st, 2023

Camp Jano India
A real fun filled summer camp for children Age- 5 - 13years where they will truly celebrate the Incredible India. The kids will be divided into groups according to age.
Children will discover Indian culture, languages, arts, festivals, literature, cuisine, leaders and heroes.
The theme for each week is brought to life through related arts, dance, games, projects, stories and theatre! Spoken Hindi in the mornings, followed by cultural learning in the afternoons gives a well-balanced cultural experience. Highly interactive, exciting, educational, structured, unique content and style. There are plenty of exciting, engaging, creative, educational indoor activities and projects.
Children will Not be outdoors in the sun all day. This is Not a play outdoor only camp.
Hindi in the Mornings (9:30am – 12noon)
• No prior knowledge required for the Beginner Group • Those with prior exposure will be in Intermediate or Advanced group • Focus is on spoken Hindi through activities, games, stories and drama • Each week has unique content according to the theme of the week • For e.g. kids with no prior exposure will be able to do accelerated Level 1 and those with prior exposure will do accelerated Level 2/3 based on their ability.
Indian Culture in the Afternoons(1:00pm - 4:00pm)
• Each week has new theme! • Conducted in English, children learn about India through structured and fun interactive activities. • The activities and projects are specific to the theme of this week. • Drama and theatre are the highlights and means to put together the essence of that week! • There are so many activities and projects planned that we will run out of time! • Children will discover something new about India everyday. • Each minute the kids will be enthralled to learn new things and explore about India, the culture, land, people, arts, cuisine and more! • Children really begin to appreciate their heritage. • They will get answers to their questions which they always had. • They will become proud to be Indian and be able to tell their school friends as to what India really is. It is not the land of tigers, elephants and snake charmers! It is truly incredible in its contribution to the World!


Per Week - 1kid-1+Wks - $470.00

Per Week - 2+kids-1+Wks - $460.00


*Pricing will increase on April 16th.


Camp Jano India Themes of the Week

Celebrate India 

Ancient India 


Per Week - 1Kid-1+Wks: $0.00
Per Week - 2+Kids-1+Wks: $0.00
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