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Virtual Spring Basketball Program 2021

FCSN Virtual Spring Basketball Program is to provide a friendly environment for children with special needs to first learn about basketball and its basic. Then the children will put into the practice by acquiring fundamental and advanced basketball skills and interacting with family members in a fun environment during exercise.
Virtual Basketball Camp Rules:
1. For the first class, parents must log in and have the virtual meeting with coach Andy 10 minutes before the class starts to discuss program plans and the way how to support your child during a session. 
2. Campers must be supervised by parents, siblings, or family members during a class.
3. Campers should log online and join the virtual meeting at least 5 minutes before class starts.
4. Campers should have practice clothes (shorts, t-shirt), gym/tennis shoes (inside only) and water
5. Sufficient space on flat ground to move around
6. Campers should have basketball, equivalent ball, or any bouncing ball for participating in an activity.
• 27.5 inches for youth
• 28.5-29.5 inches for teenagers and adults

WHO:  All ages special needs individuals

WHEN:  10 classes, Sundays (3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23) l 4:00pm – 5:00pm


CONTACT:  Penny Sapkunmongkon l [email protected]

COST:  $30 per child for FCSN members


This program is no longer active.

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