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Playball - Summer 2022

June 6-10 / July 11-15, 2022
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Last Date to register: Friday, June 3rd, 2022



The ‘DINKIES’ program focuses on mastering a variety of sport and movement skills. The balance between participation and the quality of each skill is given full consideration. By the use of repetition, the quality in execution of each skill improves. ‘DINKIES’ take great strides into the world of competent sport participation as both good ball skills as well as movement competence are established and improved upon. Skills are built upon and sequenced as to provide a fluid understanding of the sport. The four-year-old will learn the basis and begin to improve upon the skills for such sports as baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, volleyball and more. Using the medium of sports, Playball improves muscle development and continually teaches and emphasizes the importance of the life skills. In the Dinkies program children learn and practice persistence, courage, cooperation, respect, positive relationships, self worth, communication, responsibility and countless other attributes in every class. We use a loving, highly creative medium to learn necessary skills, educate and play imaginative games.



It is in this age group that kids are actually involved in sport.  Successful completion of the PLAY SPORT program provides all the skills a child needs to play the game.


The PLAY SPORT program covers all of the most popular school sports:  soccer, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball & basketball – an introduction to the basic rules of each game, development of specific skills related to each sport, as well as development of more complex work like attack and defense.  


Children who have done PLAYBALL for years are confident working with sports equipment and handling any type of ball.  By supporting youngsters through multi-sports activities they are able to quickly adapt to new rules and new sports.  A genuine enthusiasm for sport participation is established at PLAYBALL.



We use the medium of sports, not only to improve gross motor development, increase concentration skills, build low muscle tone, to teach children to be competent in hand-eye/foot-eye coordination and improve balance; but sport is also used to teach basic, yet essential life skills. At Playball & Play Sport your children will learn persistence, courage, cooperation, respect, positive relationships, self-worth, communication, responsibility, and countless other attributes. We address the needs of the whole child – dealing with the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical.


Time: 9:00am-12:00pm (HALF DAY)



June 6-10th

July 11-15th


Grades: K-1 


Price: $255.00


June 6-10th: $255.00
July 11th-14th: $255.00
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