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Migration and Monhegan Island 2018, 1st Session

Add to My CalendarSep 02-07, 2018
Last Date to register: Tuesday, January 1st, 2999

A special session devoted to fall migration. This program includes a trip to Monhegan Island, world-known migratory hotspot and beautiful island village.

Mid-September is the peak of autumn bird migration in coastal Maine, and this intensive week of birding will take participants from tidal marshes and beaches to hawkwatches, spruce forests and the outer islands and waters of Muscongus Bay.

The highlight will be a trip to the fabled Monhegan Island, one of the best migrant traps in the Northeast. Monhegan is a place renowned for its birding, preserved rocky coastline, lobstering, and a famous destination for artists for over 100 years.

Throughout this special session focused on the fall migration, participants will take part in bird-banding, learn how to interpret and record nocturnal flight calls, and pick up tips from such experts as Scott Weidensaul, Peter Vickery and Tom Johnson.

The name of this session is taken from instructor Scott Weidensaul's Pulitzer Prize nominated book, Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds.

Note: Prices above include 2 days and 1 overnight stay on Monhegan Island. Logistics for this venture are still being finalized. This program will include a trip to Monhegan regardless, and if we are not able to stay overnight on the island you will be notified and prices will be reduced accordingly.

This program is no longer active.

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