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2018 Raptor Rapture Online

Hog Island Online Program
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Last Date to register: Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Raptor Rapture Online 

Recorded presentations from the Hog Island Audubon Camp.

Learn about the remarkable lives of birds of prey from renowned raptor researchers and engaging ornithologists at your leisure and in your home.

Feature Presentations

Identifying Vultures, Hawks and Falcons----- Stephen Kress

Learn to identify 27 species of North American vultures, hawks, eagles and falcons with surprising facts about each species.  52 min. 


Raptors: the Diurnal Birds of Prey-----Rob  Bierregaard

In this lecture, “Dr. B.” offers an introduction to the biology of the diurnal birds of prey that live in or migrate through New England. 50 min.


Project SNOWstorm -------Scott Weidensaul

Because Snowy Owls may spend years living north of humanity, their lives were mostly mysterious until the advent of advanced telemetry. Recent research has suddenly uncovered some of the remarkable behavior of this large, nomadic owl with new insight about their vulnerability to climate change. 71 min.


There and Back Again: Satellite Studies of Osprey Biology-----Rob Bierregaard

“Dr. B” has placed tracking devices on 108 Ospreys from South Carolina to Newfoundland. This presentation distills decades of research and imparts a greater sense of the challenges and wonder of Osprey migration. 63 min.


Falcon Fever----- Tim Gallagher

Author and falconer Tim Gallagher relates how flying hawks since he was twelve has given him a deep understanding of the behavior of birds of prey and sent him on a quest to understand the history of the sport in Italy, the Middle East and Europe. 58 min.



Necropsy:  A Great Horned Owl snatched an osprey chick from the Hog Island nest and dropped the dead chick nearby.  The chick became the subject for an impromptu necropsy and lesson in internal anatomy. 37 minutes.


Osprey Banding: Learn how banding osprey chicks has informed knowledge of osprey biology; watch “Dr. B” climb to the Hog Island osprey nest and lower two chicks for banding. 13 minutes.


Raptor Skeletons: A Fish House discussion focusing on adaptations of raptor skeletons for hunting. Compare skeletons of Ospreys, Peregrines, Red-tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls. 34 minutes


Owl Pellet Dissection: Iain MacLeod and “Dr. B” lead an examination of prey items discovered in pellets collected from Snowy, Barn, and Great Horned Owl. 13 minutes



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  • View the presentations for six months 
This program is no longer active.

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