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2020 Virtual Fall Migration Camp for Teens

Hog Island Online Program
Add to My CalendarOct 09-18, 2020
Last Date to register: Thursday, October 8th, 2020

Designed for ages 14 to 18 years old.

Next in our Virtual Young Birder Camps we are excited to announce our first Virtual Fall Migration Camp for Teens!  The virtual camp will utilize Zoom meetings, online webinars, and Google classroom to get connected to birds and also connect with other young birders from around the country.  During the camp period, campers will complete course components in two main modules: Migration Team Challenge and Live Presentation Content.  Each module will offer challenges for young birders to get outdoors and learn more about bird behavior, habitat and conservation projects.  Campers will utilize the Google classroom to share photos and videos, share eBird checklists and also get to know each other better.  We will have guest speakers from the Project Puffin research team and also from other renowned ornithologists, authors and bird guides. 

Fall Migration - Two Main Modules:

Migration Team Challenge: In smaller teams of teens, they will complete group challenges, create a master group project and interact in break-out rooms on tasks.  This smaller group model will allow students to get to know each other better and create a team atmosphere where they can learn together.  A Bio Blitz will take place and teams will compete against one-another.  Daily challenges will get the teams outside to improve their local habitats and learn more about bird migration.

Live presentations and online content: This camp module will consist of Zoom chats with all campers and other live video components.  Challenges will utilize the Explore.org bird cams and other online resources including live Q&As with renowned birders and researchers.  Virtual tours of an Audubon banding station will be included.  We will host daily Zoom meetings with our wonderful team of guest speakers and Audubon staff each day during the camp dates!  This is a great way for campers to connect online and build their birding network.   

Fall Migration Camp Schedule:

Friday - Kickoff Meeting at 7pm Eastern Time on Zoom - 2 hours total
Saturday - 7pm ET - 2 hours total
Sunday - 7pm ET - 2 hours total
Monday (national holiday) -  7pm ET - 2 hours total
Friday - 7pm ET - 2 hours total
Saturday - 7pm ET - 2 hours total
Sunday - 7pm ET - 1.5 hours total

Each day will follow the outlined format:
Start of meeting includes a 30 minute introduction of the daily challenges and highlights of coursework; 1 hour live presentation from guest speaker; 30 minute wrap-up and break-out groups to close our meeting.  All times will be 7pm Eastern Time (6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT).  All presentations will be recorded and availabe to watch the next day on the Google Classroom.


  • Mailed components include a Zeiss Optics cleaning kit and Owl Pellet Dissection Kit
  • Audubon Certificate of Completion
  • Recommended books and supplemental reading material and project challenges
  • Contact list of all campers, guest speakers and instructors at the completion of the course
  • Cost for fall migration online course: $200 
Online Teen Participant: $200.00
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Eva Matthews Lark
Hog Island Audubon Camp, Program Manager

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