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Field Ornithology 2023

Add to My CalendarJun 18-23, 2023
Last Date to register: Sunday, June 18th, 2023

Immerse yourself in a week of all things avian, from bird biology to nesting behavior, songs, migration and conservation. Learn in small-group settings about field identification.

Field Ornithology includes excursions to both mainland and coastal habitats, including offshore islands, windswept blueberry barrens, lush grasslands, and sphagnum bog forests (sensitive puffin-nesting islands will be observed by boat). Add some of the most respected bird experts in the country, and you have Field Ornithology on Hog Island. You'll learn in the woods and on the water: experiencing the dawn chorus with experts in bird song at your side, landing on seabird nesting islands to observe nesting behavior at arm's-length, discussing coloniality in the midst of a raucous heronry. You'll come home with amazing memories and a solid understanding of bird biology and ecology.

Famed bird author Scott Wiedensaul will be leading this session.  Catherine Hamilton is a world-known bird artist, and our other leaders are all adept field biologists and instructors.  Bird highlights: Puffins, terns, scoters, warblers, Bobolinks and more!

Standard Room - Twin Bed In A Shared Double Or Triple Room, Shared Bathroom: $1,690.00
Single Room - Shared Bathroom: $1,990.00
Puffin Room - Private 1/2 Bathroom, Double Occupancy Only: $1,890.00
Osprey Room - Private Bathroom, Double Occupancy Only: $1,990.00
Eider Room - Private Bathroom, Double Occupancy Only: $1,990.00
Guillemot Room - Private Bathroom, Double Occupancy Only: $1,990.00
Queen Mary Loft - Private Bathroom, Double Occupancy Only: $1,990.00
Helm Cabin - Private Cabin, Double Occupancy Only: $2,190.00
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