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Junior Crew 2019-2020

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Last Date to register: Sunday, March 1st, 2020


Welcome to the 2019-2020 RCRC Junior Crew season!

Below is information regarding the registration process and Junior season schedule. If you have any questions please reach out to info@rivercityrowing.org


SAFETY REMINDER: remember to drive COUNTERCLOCKWISE in the lower lot to drop off and pick up athletes. All Junior Team athletes must park in the upper lot. Thank you.


Fall Parent Meeting for novice and varsity: Thursday Sept 5, 6:00-7:15PM, at the RCRC Boathouse. Full team meeting 6:00-6:45PM. Novice parents will have an extended meeting until 7:15PM so we can share additional information to new members of our team.



Junior Crew Registration Process

Three (3) steps are required for registration to be complete.

Returning athletes MUST complete ALL steps PRIOR to the first day of practice.


3 Steps to Register 

  1. Online Registration: registration and dues payments for all junior team rowers are online through RegPoint. Varsity rowers/coxswains (returning athletes) must be registered prior to the first day of practice in order to participate. Novice rowers/coxswains (new team members) will be sent registration instructions after joining several trial practices. After completing online registration, you will receive a confirmation email with two links to complete parts 2 & 3 of Junior Team registration. After reviewing the infrmation below, click the green 'register now' button at the bottom of the page.


  1.  RCRC Waiver/Emergency contact form. This form must be completed and brought to the first day of practice.


  1. The RCRC Junior Team Handbook, containing the team rules and policies, for you and your athlete to keep and reference. Be sure you read the team handbook! Online registration will require initialling that you and your athlete agree to abide by the handbook.


Once these three (3) items are completed, then your athlete will be fully registered as a member of the RCRC Junior Team.


New athletes are welcome to come try out practices before completing online registration and only need to turn in the emergency waiver to start rowing: email Head Coach Arthur Ericsson for details & a copy of the waiver at ed@rivercityrowing.org

Junior Team Dues 

Club dues are $1,850 for Varsity (returning) and Novice (first year) rowers and coxswains. After September 2019 dues may be prorated; contact RCRC for details PRIOR to registering, at info@rivercityrowing.org


Dues cover our paid coaches and instruction four to six days per week, racing fees for local and regional races, transportation of equipment, maintenance and repair of equipment, USRowing membership, Club insurance & management, and competition at Southwest Junior Regional Championships. Below are the three items not covered by dues, that may apply to your athlete.


Additional Jr Team expenses

  • Racing uniform, approx. $78.00. Uniform orders will be coordinated in mid Sept or early January and uniforms should last for several seasons. Other optional RCRC apparel will be available at an additional cost but only the uniform is required.

  • Travel expenses may incur for athletes attending an “earned” regatta.  The approximate costs are as follows:

    • Spring Travel Regatta (select varsity): ~$350 

    • USRowing Youth Nationals (select & qualifying varsity): ~$800-$1,100

  • Junior Team fundraising commitment, $225. See note below.


Please thoroughly review the standard payment schedules and dues & fundraising policies below.


Dues Policies:

  1. Rowers joining after September may have their dues prorated.

  2. For scholarship information, including modified payment schedules, see the Junior Crew Registration Page. These options should be set up PRIOR to registering so please see the information listed and reach out early if you plan to submit an application: http://www.rivercityrowing.org/registration--junior

  3. Membership dues are annual, non-refundable, and not prorated for athletes who leave the team before the end of the season.


Payment Schedules:

Athletes who join in September pay an initial $150 upon registration. This non-refundable payment allows your athlete to row and train with RCRC through Sept 30th, 2019. During the online registration process you will be prompted to select one of two payment plans for the remaining balance of dues ($1,700). These payments will automatically process for athletes who choose to join the team and continue rowing after September. Athletes who choose not to continue rowing must notify RCRC by Sept. 30, 2019.


Two payment plans for the remaining balance ($1,700):

  • Option 1: In full on 9/30/19

  • Option 2: In 3 payments of - $610.50 due 9/30/19, $ 610.50 due 11/15/19, and $479.00 due 1/15/20

    • NOTE - athletes who register in Spring 2020 will be charged on the following schedule: first payment upon registration, second payment on 2/15/20 and third payment on 3/15/20.

Your credit card will be automatically charged on the payment due date(s) and you will be sent an email confirmation of payment. 


Fundraising Commitment:

Fundraising is what helps keep our dues as affordable as possible.  If we succeed as a team on our fundraisers we will first and foremost be able to cover our expenses and keep our dues low, but hopefully be able to then help fund things that can further enhance the rowers’ experience such as equipment (boats, oars, ergs, etc), buses for away travel, attendance at more regattas, and a host of other opportunities as they arise.


  1. River City dues are among the lowest of any junior club in California

  2. We have been able to keep annual dues low due to past fundraising efforts.

  3. Fundraising is an essential part of our program.


This year each member of the rowing team is required to raise a minimum of $225.00. (Athletes who join RCRC after the Row-a-thon fundraiser are commited to raising $100). There will be several opportunities during the year to help accomplish this goal however the main opportunity for your athlete to reach their fundraising commitment is the annual Row-A-Thon in mid November. RCRC will provide the instructions for rowers/coxswains to solicit donations from friends and family, which athletes will earn by rowing a certain number of meters at two team workouts.  A minimum of 25 email addresses will be needed so start putting that list together throughout the fall. Anyone who has not raised $225 by March 7, 2020 will be asked to pay the difference.



2019-2020 Junior Crew Season Schedule


Fall Practice Schedule:

Varsity Boys: MTWF 4:30-6:45pm & Sa 8-10:30am

Varsity Girls: TWThF 4:30-6:45pm & Sa 8-10:30am

Novice Boys & Girls: MTWTh, 4:30-6:45pm


Fall Regatta & Event Schedule:

Sept. 21 Coastal Cleanup 9am-noon Saturday RCRC  
Oct. 5 Junior Team Pancake 7:45 AM Saturday RCRC  
Oct. 13 Head of the Port all day Sunday RCRC  
Oct. 26 Head of the American all day Saturday Lake Natoma, CA  
Nov. 10 Head of the Lagoon all day Sunday Foster City, CA  
Nov. 16 Row-A-Thon day 1 two shifts Saturday Davis Food Co-op  
Nov. 17 Row-A-Thon day 2 two shifts Sunday Land Park, Sac.  
Dec. 7 Duel vs. Berkeley all day Saturday RCRC TENT.
Dec. 19/20 Last fall practice 4:30 PM Thursday(Nov.) Friday (Var.) RCRC  







Spring Practice Schedule:

Varsity Boys: MTWThF 4:30-6:45PM & Sat. 8-10:30am

Varsity Girls: MTWThF 4:30-6:45PM & Sat. 8-10:30am

Novice Boys & Girls: MTWTh 4:30-6:45pm & Sat. 8-10:30am


Spring Regatta & Event Schedule (preliminary, additional races TBA):

Jan. 6 First spring practice 4:30 PM Monday RCRC  
Feb. 22 Pacific Novice Invite all day Saturday Lake Merced, San Fran  
March TBD River City Invite all day Sunday   TENT.
March TBD Parent Row & Potluck 8am-noon Saturday    
March TBD Junior Fundraiser Dinner evening Thursday? Drakes, W. Sac. TENT.
March or April TBD Shamrock II sculling all day weekend   TENT.
April 4 Husky Open (var. plan A) all day Saturday Seattle, WA Plan A for varsity
April 4 510 Sprints (nov., & var. plan B) all day Saturday Oakland, CA Plan B for varsity
April 18 or 19 League Race all day Sat or Sun Lake Natoma, CA  
May 1-3 Southwest Youth Champs all day Friday-Sun. Lake Natoma, CA  
May 17 End of season banquet evening Sunday TBA  







Varsity Women: $1,850.00
Varsity Men: $1,850.00
Novice Women: $1,850.00
Novice Men: $1,850.00
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