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Take Home SSAT Mock Test ONLY

SSAT Mock Test ONLY - Take Home
Add to My CalendarAug 05, 2020-Feb 28, 2021
Last Date to register: Sunday, October 31st, 2021

Please contact Martha or Lynn if interested in the Take Home Mock Test. Mashadle@bellsouth.net or lynn@learninglinkz.com

Thank you!




This is only a Take Home SSAT Mock Test and is for 5th to 11th graders. We will give a parent a SSAT Mock Test with instructions. The parent will administer the test to their child at home. Then, they will scan their child's answer sheet, and we will grade the test. We will send an email detailing the number right, wrong and omit for each section.

Date: Ongoing
Time: The test takes about 3 hours for regular tme and about 4 hours for extended time.

Cost: The cost for non-class clients is $75 and is no cost for class clients.

When registering you have the option to register for some additional services:

SSAT Writing Class (5th through 6th Graders) - This class is focused on helping students write their writing sample for the SSAT test.

Private Score Consultation - You can schedule a conference via phone or meeting with Martha or Lynn to discuss your child's SSAT scores.

Math Skills Book (5th through 7th Graders) - This book created by Lynn Guyton offers students extra math practice to prepare for the SSAT.


Ongoing Take Home SSAT Mock: $75.00
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Download this Form vocabularycards1.pdf Group 1 - Vocabulary Cards 1st set
Download this Form vocabprefixlevel1.pdf Group 2 -Prefixes/Roots/Suffixes Level 1
Download this Form vocabularycards2.pdf Group 3 - Vocabulary Cards 2nd set
Download this Form vocabprefixlevel2.pdf Group 4 -Prefixes/Roots/Suffixes Level 2
Download this Form SSAT Quick Facts.pdf SSAT Quick Facts
Download this Form MiddleLevelPracticeTestAnswers.pdf Middle Level Practice Test Answers
Download this Form UpperLevelPracticeTestAnswers.pdf Upper Level Practice Test Answers
Download this Form Test Ready Math 5 Answers.pdf Test Ready Math 5 Answers
Download this Form Test Ready Math 6 Answers.pdf Test Ready Math 6 Answers
Download this Form Test Ready ReadingBook 5 and 6 Answers.pdf Test Ready Reading 5 and 6 Answers
Download this Form 2018SSATPresentationFlyer.pdf 2018 SSAT Flyer
Download this Form Math Skill January 2015.pdf Math Skills Answer Key
Download this Form 2015 SSAT Class Flyer.pdf 2015 SSAT Class Flyer
Download this Form LL Summer 2015 Classes Flyer.pdf 2015 Summer Class Flyer